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Why Florida is an Extravaganza for Events and Meetings

Florida has a unique blend of stunning landscapes, vibrant cities, and a welcoming climate year round. So it's easy to understand why hundreds of millions of people visit the Sunshine State every year. But what makes Florida such a fantastic destination for meetings and events? Michael Weiss, CEO of RoomRite, delves into Florida's dynamic event and hotel space, highlighting key aspects contributing to its allure. 

Event Space: 

Florida boasts diverse event spaces, from beachfront resorts to several hotels from Hyatt, Rosen Hotels, Marriott, and Hilton to locally owned boutique properties. The versatility allows for various events, conferences, weddings, trade shows, and cultural events. 

Iconic Locations:

Destinations like Orlando, Miami, and Tampa offer world-class event spaces. From the vibrant atmosphere of Miami to Orlando's theme park resorts, Tampa's waterfront settings contribute to the reputation for hosting great conferences. 

Convention Centers: Major cities in Florida, including Orlando and Miami, feature expansive convention centers equipped with the latest technology and ample space for large-scale conferences and expos. These centers often collaborate with nearby hotels to provide a seamless event experience. 


Florida's event and hotel space contribute significantly to its status as a premier destination for gatherings of all kinds. The state's diverse offerings,  ranging from beachfront weddings to international conferences, highlight its adaptability and appeal. 

“Whether you are planning a corporate event, a dream wedding, or a family vacation, Florida's dynamic events and hotel spas ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience in the Sunshine State”, says Chief Relations Officer and Co-Founder Teresa Guastella of RoomRite.