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How RoomRite Can Help Your Event Avoid Room Attrition.

Hotel room attrition is a stressful and expensive problem that has plagued the meetings and events industry for decades. While there are plenty of best practices and strategies used to mitigate room attrition, the fact is the industry still spends an estimated $21 billion a year on empty hotel rooms worldwide. That’s why meeting and event professionals are ecstatic about RoomRite – a resale marketplace for group hotel accommodations.

"Think of RoomRite as the the StubHub of room blocks, says Michael Weiss, CEO of RoomRite. "Use our marketplace to sell off rooms you no longer need or buy rooms when there is limited time and/or inventory available."

How does the reselling process work?

  • Step 1: Create your free account at
  • Step 2: Log into your account to create a resale listing in just minutes.
    • (We suggest creating a listing 60 to 120 days before your event.)
  • Step 3: After submitting your listing, RoomRite obtains permission from your hotel to resell the rooms.
    • (Hotels have the right to deny any resale request, but often approve them).
  • Step 4: RoomRite promotes approved resale listings to other groups, who can purchase your rooms at the contracted rate.
  • Step 5: Purchased rooms count toward your room pickup and RoomRite charges you 15% of the rooms sold. 
    • (Ex: If you resell $20K of rooms on our marketplace, RoomRite will invoice you $3,000, but you avoided paying $20K in attrition penalties, resulting in an overall savings of $17,000).

See how much you can save with our free room attrition calculator